Knitting Peace

Knitting Peace

Cirkus Cirkör invites you to a magically beautiful world of ropes, yarn, and knots, intricately woven into the theme of peace and handicraft.


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Bærum Kulturhus

Circus artists often strive to achieve the impossible. Is the pursuit of the impossible the path to happiness? Is striving for peace on Earth the same as striving for the impossible?


Five contemporary circus artists attempt to find meaning through total dedication to various yarn forms in the performance "Knitting Peace" with the Swedish world-traveling contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör. Can peace be knitted?

Live Music

The music in the performance is specially composed by Samuel "Looptok" Långbacka, who has drawn inspiration from the art of knitting, creating a unique soundscape filled with yarn balls and the crackling sound of knitting needles. It will be performed live.

Contemporary circus is a performing arts form that combines circus skills with dance, theater, performance art, show, and concert.


Welcome to an experience you will not soon forget.

The performance was showcased at Bærum Kulturhus in October 2013 and has been brought back to Sandvika as part of the Cultural Center's 20th-anniversary celebration.

"Knitting Peace" is suitable for everyone aged 10 and older.

Price: 0 - 450
Duration: 2 t, m/pause
  • Sunday 2. June 2024 Kl. 15:00
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Bærum Kulturhus
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