Prime Time Orchestra – live in South America

Prime Time Orchestra – live in South America

A SanFiesta Sandvika Latin festival event


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Sandvika Internasjonale Kulturfestival

Prime Time Orchestra plays most genres like a concert jazz band. The orchestra is now back with a lively party program featuring Brazilian and Latin American rhythms. They are bringing in the Canadian trumpeter Jacques Kuba Seguin from Montreal. The rhythm section is expanded with Norwegian, Brazilian, and Cuban musicians.

Prime Time Orchestra has been one of Bærum Municipality's Cultural Beacons from 2015 to 2019.

The event is supported by Bærum Municipality and the Norwegian Jazz Forum.

Ticket sales start on March 1st.

Price: 0 - 430
Duration: 75 min u/pause
  • Friday 7. June 2024 Kl. 21:00
    This show is played

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