deLillos set for Store Sal performance featuring their most beautiful songs spanning four decades.


Store Sal


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For over 40 years, deLillos has been one of the country's most important pop and rock bands. They have consistently delivered quality in lyrics, music, and creativity. Uncompromising in their expression and true to their own universe, while constantly challenging the creative aspects in both format and content.

deLillos' back catalog is a part of our history, with classic songs and albums discovered by continually new generations of audiences.

And for the fans, there are many songs – deLillos has created so many songs. And there are more coming. Fortunately. Songs that the audience loves to listen to on records, on the radio, and tunes you want to sing along with at concerts.

But then there are all these beautiful songs that we often don't get served at concerts. The more atmospheric songs that are often quite melodic. Now deLillos is going out to play precisely these.

"We have often talked about doing more with this part of our catalog," deLillos explains. "There are many of them, and the audience asks for them. Now we have decided to make this happen, and we couldn't think of anything better than naming this concert series 'deLillos' Most Beautiful.' We hope this brings joy to our audience."

Price: 0 - 485
Duration: 1 t, 15 min u/pause
  • Saturday 9. March 2024 Kl. 19:00
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Store Sal

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