A safer venue

Covid19 measures at Bærum Kulturhus

Bærum Kulturhus complies with advice and regulations issued by Norwegian health authorities. Public safety is a prime concern for the organization and social distancing is implemented on all of the culture house’s five stages.

The Norwegian Institute for Public Health and Ministry of Health and Care Services has defined a maximum of 200 pax attendance at cultural events, not including staff and performers.

Audience members are to maintain a minimum distance of 1 metre. This implies that congestion at entrances, in the event venue, or during ingress and egress must be avoided at all cost.

In the event of detected infection that can be traced back to the venue, Bærum Kulturhus keeps records of all ticket holders and information on seating arrangements, enabling health authorities to trace individuals exposed to the virus. All audience members must submit contact info and hold a valid ticket at all events.

After completed events, all surfaces that can contain possible contaminated elements will be thoroughly cleaned in compliance with guidelines issued by The Norwegian Institute for Public Health.

Social distancing and hygiene

At all times, maintain one metre distancing to fellow audience members. Individuals that reside together or are members of a social cohort, can be seated together.

Maintain diligent hygiene. Wash hands thoroughly – disinfectant will be available at all venues.

Audience members that are experiencing negative respiratory symptoms are not to attend any events.

Consult the Norwegian Institute for Public Health’s website for facts, advice and current regulations related to the Covid19 pandemic.

To minimize the risk of virus contamination, all locker rooms at the Bærum Kulturhus and Sandvika Teater will remain closed.

We kindly ask audience members to comply with instructions issued by Bærum Kulturhus’ staff during ingress and egress from venues.

The culture house’s cafe is open during daytime hours, but sales of refreshments and snacks prior to evening events will not take place until current regulations are lifted.

Purchase of pre-paid refreshments is still available when booked on-line or via phone no.: +47 81 51 17 77.

Ticket holders that fall ill are entitled to full refund of purchases. Contact Bærum Kulturhus prior to the event’s start on phone no.: +47 81 51 17 77 or via e-mail: kulturhuset@baerum.kommune.no

Several of this autumn’s events have been cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. Cancelled events will be marked as such on our website and a full overview can be found here.